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Carlie Remembered by her Grandmother
"She has been described as "blonde and bubbly" - Carlie was very affectionate - a great hugger - when she was in NY she loved to go to the movies with her dad, go shopping and then go out for ice cream. Her favorite ice cream was mint chocolate chip - I always had that in the house for her when she visited. When she was at our house, she would shoot baskets in the driveway with her Aunt Jeannie and play softball in the backyard with Aunt Katelyn and the rest of the family. We would have barbeques and she loved to toast marshmallows.

When we were out at Montauk, Joe and Joey built a huge bonfire and we toasted marshmallows at night while sitting along the beach

it is a beautiful memory - thinking of Carlie with her sticky fingers and marshmallow all around her mouth - what a cutie! She liked music - especially Jennifer Lopez  and knew all the words to every song on the radio - that always surprised me!

Carlie liked to help her dad out at home - especially when he had the family over for dinner, she pitched right in and helped with the serving and cleaning up - I can just picture her loading up the dishwasher. She was a very good student and voted Most Popular and Math Whiz at McIntosh Middle School.

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